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  The World Will Be in a Fierce Triangular Struggle  
Source : Manmin joong-ang news Date : 2010.02.14 Hits : 8897    
Dr. Jaerock Lee Was Selected as a Top-10-World-Renowned Figure by The CloudWatcher Times and Interviewed by Spiritual Diplomacy

At the request from The CloudWatcher Times, a famous international magazine, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis (left) is talking with Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee (right) about the flow of the world situation in the near future at the studio of Manmin TV this past January 26.

The CloudWatcher Times ( is a renowned international magazine based in Moscow, Russia. It is being read by many Russian-speaking readers around the world including those in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. This magazine selected the top 10 world-renowned figures and asked Dr. Mikhail Morgulis to interview Dr. Lee. Among the 10 selected figures, Dr. Jaerock Lee, designated a spiritual leader of Korea was selected along with the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
While interviewing Dr. Jaerock Lee on behalf of The CloudWatcher Times, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis introduced Dr. Lee as the spiritual leader who is spreading the holiness gospel and then asked him, "What do you think of the world situation in the near future?"

The official website of The CloudWatcher Times

In response to this question, Dr Jaerock Lee said:
"In September of 2009 while I was concentrating in deep prayer, God revealed prophesy that we will meet with a shocking incident that will drive the whole world into sorrows at the close of the year of 2009 and the receiving of the New Year, 2010. Since the end of the year of 2009, all corners of the globe have been suffering from natural disasters including historically-recorded breaking cold weather, snowstorms, flooding, and drought. In addition, the threat of terrorism has been increasing. I asked God in prayer whether these were the shocking events He had prophesied, but God answered that the incident had not yet occurred, adding, A really big disaster will happen and the world will fall into an appalling state of pandemonium. On January 12, a catastrophic earthquake occurred in Haiti. Because of this quake, the whole world fell into a state of shock and sorrow."

Dr. Lee continued:
"In this world situation, the powers that will take the lead in the world are largely divided into three groups; United States, China, and the EU (European Union), and that these countries had been exercising mutual self-control not to provoke one another, but from now on the conflict-causing factors will be revealed outwardly. The conflict between United States and China will become sharper little by little and the dominant position of leadership of world power will be transferred from the United States to China. The EU will strongly feel they need to form a firmer union to consolidate their position in the world stage and while expanding their influence in the world, the EU will meet with the situations that will cause troubles and conflicts to happen in the relations with China. In the midst of one of the fiercest struggles for a dominant leadership position in the world, China will gain a much more dominant position of influence over the world by entering into a closer partnership. With the passing of time, however, the time will come when the EU takes the stage as the dominating influence over the world." (see the entire interview on page 3).
After finishing the interview with Dr. Jaerock Lee, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis said, "We are experiencing the works of the Holy Spirit through Dr. Jaerock Lees prayer. He is touching many peoples hearts around the world with the love and power of God. For the salvation of many souls, this interview will be translated into English and then Russian and broadcast via Impact TV, RTVI TV, Max TV and Invictory Internet TV. This will also be broadcast in various languages including English and Korea. Moreover, it will be delivered through 12 magazines including Russian Business Magazine, Christian radio programs (Russian) in US and Russia, Vision TV of Ukraine, and Life TV, a Christian TV channel of Baltic States."

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