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Title Source Hit
  A Chance for Self-discovery The Korea Herald 5622  
  Give Thanks Once Again The Korea Herald [Column] 3805  
  A Clear Difference The Korea Herald [Column] 3766  
  Faith and Obedience The Korea Herald [Column] 2155  
  Discerning between Good and Evil The Korea Herald [Column] 1830  
  Evident Proof The Korea Herald [Column] 1852  
  Heart above All Things The Korea Herald [Column] 1812  
  God Protects Us The Korea Herald 1918  
  To Fear? Or To Love? The Korea Herald 2090  
  A Must-do The Korea Herald 1830  
  The Heart of God The Korea Herald 1882  
  On Account of Love The Korea Herald [Column] 3471  
  A Reason for Not Arguing The Korea Herald 4313  
  Love in a Switch The Korea Herald 3386  
  What We Can Learn from Ants The Korea Herald 3856