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Lecture on Revelation (69) The Millennium Kingdom, Gog and Magog [Revelation 20:6-10] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.03.17
Lecture on Revelation (68) The Millennium Kingdom in detail [Revelation 20:6-10] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.03.10
Lecture on Revelation (67) The Millennium Kingdom [Revelation 20:1-6] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.03.03
Lecture on Revelation (66) Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb [Revelation 19:9-21] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.02.24
Lecture on Revelation (65) The unified government and their followers collapse at the end of the 7 Year Great Tribulation [Revelation 18:21-19:8] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.02.17
Lecture on Revelation (64) The judgment of God who repays according to what has been done [Revelation 18:8-20] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.02.10
Lecture on Revelation (63) The true identity of the unified government, Spiritual immorality [Revelation 18:2-7] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.02.03
Lecture on Revelation (62) The selected ones [Revelation 17:14-18:3] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.01.27
Bear Fruit in Keeping with Repentance (1) [Matthew 3:5-10] Pastor Soojin Lee 2023.01.13
Lecture on Revelation (61) 7-Year Great Tribulation, beast, Lucifer [Revelation 17:8-14] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2023.01.06
Jesus Christ Christmas Eve Service [Isaiah 53:4-5] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.12.23
Lecture on Revelation (60) The identity of the forces that have seized the authority of the world [Revelation 17:1-10] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.12.16
Lecture on Revelation (59) The three spirits, Har-Magedon [Revelation 16:19-17:4] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.12.09
Lecture on Revelation (58) Har-Magedon [Revelation 16:16-18] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.12.02
God of Answers [Psalm 78:12-29] Pastor Soojin Lee 2022.11.25
Lecture on Revelation (57) The final 7 plagues that conclude the 7 Year Great Tribulation [Revelation 16:8-15] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.11.18
Lecture on Revelation (56) The seven angels who had the seven plagues [Revelation 15:5-16:7] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.11.11
Lecture on Revelation (55) The good grains and chaff [Revelation 14:17-15:4] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.11.04
Lecture on Revelation (54) The beast and his image [Revelation 14:11-18] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.10.28
Lecture on Revelation (53) The 144,000 bond-servants of God [Revelation 14:1-10] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.10.21
Preach the Gospel to All Creation [Mark 16:15] Pastor Jungyeon Jang 2022.10.14
Lecture on Revelation (52) A beast [Revelation 13:11-18] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.10.07
Do Not Waver Divine Healing Meeting [Judges 9:7-15] Pastor Soojin Lee 2022.09.30
Lecture on Revelation (51) A beast that rules the whole world during the 7-Year Great Tribulation appears [Revelation 13:5-10] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.09.23
Lecture on Revelation (50) It provides details on how the antichrist holds on to and wields its power [Revelation 13:1-4] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2022.09.16