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According to God's Will [Romans 8:27-28] Pastor HyunKwon Joo 2018.07.22
For the Final Victory [2 Timothy 4:7-8] Pastor Soojin Lee 2018.07.15
Hope of Resurrection [Acts 1:10-11] Pastor Hakyoung Lim 2018.07.08
Life of Being United with the Lord [John 6:53-57] Pastor Soojin Lee 2018.07.01
Each Man's Work Will Become Evident (2) Pearl, the Gemstone Signifying Patience [1 Corinthians 3:10-15] Pastor Jiyoung Lee 2018.06.24
Who Are We, Manmin? [Matthew 7:21] Pastor HyunKwon Joo 2018.06.17
The Church in Philadelphia, the Exemplary Model (1) [Revelation 3:8-10] Pastor Heesun Goo 2018.06.10
Perfect Faith Men's, Women's, and Prayer Devotees Devotional Service [Hebrews 10:22] Pastor Esther Chung 2018.06.03
Each Man's Work Will Become Evident (1) [1 Corinthians 3:10-15] Pastor Jiyoung Lee 2018.05.27
To Be United with Father God (2) Submission [Hebrews 10:22] Pastor ChangMin Kim 2018.05.20
Let's Ride on the Flow of Whole Spirit [Romans 13:11-12] Pastor Minkyung Cho 2018.05.13
The Glory of Resurrection [John 12:23-24, Romans 8:17-18] Pastor Sooyeol Cho 2018.05.06
Put out into the Deep Water and Let down Your Nets [Luke 5:3-7] Pastor Hakyoung Lim 2018.04.29
Reasons for Disobedience (2) [Deuteronomy 28:2] Pastor Heesun Goo 2018.04.22
Overcome Evil with Good [Romans 12:21] Pastor Esther Chung 2018.04.15
Heart of Love District, Sub-district, Cell Leaders' Devotional Service [Romans 5:8] Speaker Dr. Jaerock Lee 2018.03.25
The Importance of Discovering Oneself [Proverbs 16:1-2] Pastor Sooyeol Cho 2018.01.14
My Thoughts Are Higher than Your Thoughts [Isaiah 55:8-9] Pastor HyunKwon Joo 2017.08.20
Only by Faith [Hebrews 11:1-3] Pastor Soojin Lee 2017.07.23
Secrets to Bearing Fruit (3) [Proverbs 9:10, James 3:17-18] Pastor ChangMin Kim 2017.07.16
Pursue Peace with All Men [Hebrews 12:14] Pastor Keumran Hwang 2017.07.09
The Lord's Love [John 6:53-55] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2017.07.02
The Love of God Is Greater Far (2) [Ephesians 3:18-19] Pastor Hwantaek Yim 2017.06.25
The Parable of the Wedding Banquet [John 2:1-11] Pastor Hakyoung Lim 2017.06.18
Put on the Armor of Light [Romans 13:11-14] Pastor Heesun Goo 2017.06.11