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First Love [John 2 1:6] Pastor Hwantaek Lim 2019.04.28
Life of Remembering the Lord [John 6:53-55] Pastor Soojin Lee 2019.04.21
Keep Watching and Praying [Matthew 26:39-41] Pastor Hyunchul Joo 2019.04.14
The End Time [Matthew 24:3-14] Pastor Seungshin Kim 2019.04.07
True Love [John 20:17-18] Pastor Hakyoung Lim 2019.03.31
The Word of God That Has Guided Manmin in Japan [Psalm 119:105] Pastor Seunggil Yoo 2019.03.24
The Friend of God [James 2:23] Pastor Haeun Sung 2019.03.17
Divine Healing - God the Healer [Exodus 15:26] Pastor Jiyoung Lee 2019.03.10
Have Salt in Yourselves, and Be at Peace with One Another [Mark 9:33-34, 50] Pastor Gwankyu Lee 2019.03.03
What Shall I Render to the LORD for All His Benefits Toward Me? [Psalm 116:12] Pastor Jungyeon Jang 2019.02.24
People in Pursuit of Blessings [Psalm 1:1-6] Pastor Hwantaek Lim 2019.02.17
Those Who Wait for the LORD [Isaiah 40:28-31] Pastor Esther Chung 2019.02.10
James Reputed to Be a Pillar [Galatians 2:9, James 1:1-4] Dr. Myoungho Cheong 2019.02.03
Good Thoughts [Revelation 3:20, 1 Thessalonians 5:15] Pastor Sooyeol Cho 2019.01.27
A Trial Is a Shortcut to Fulfilling Hope [Romans 5:3-4] Pastor Hyunchul Joo 2019.01.20
The Faithful God [Deuteronomy 7:9] Pastor Hakyoung Lim 2019.01.13
He Who Is Exceedingly Faithful [Luke 16:10] Pastor Keumran Hwang 2019.01.06
The LORD Will Answer and Say to His People [Joel 2:18-20] Pastor Jiyoung Lee 2018.12.30
Unwavering Faith [Judges 9:7-15] Pastor Hwantaek Lim 2018.12.23
The Seven Spirits (2) [Revelation 5:6] Pastor ChangMin Kim 2018.12.16
Fire and Each Man's Work [1 Corinthians 3:10-15] Pastor Hyunchul Joo 2018.12.09
God's Providence Is Unfailing [Deuteronomy 26:16-19] Pastor Hakyoung Lim 2018.12.02
Church Set up by God Himself [John 6:68, 4:48] Pastor Sooyeol Cho 2018.11.25
Suffering and Glory [Hebrews 12:2] Pastor Soojin Lee 2018.11.18
Sanctification Is an Obligation, Not a Choice [1 Thessalonians 4:3] Pastor Jiyoung Lee 2018.11.11