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Title Bible Preacher Date VOD Text MP3  
  The Lectures of John(221) [2 John1:18-25] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2003.07.13  
  The Lectures of John(219) [2 John1:7-14] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2002.12.01  
  The Lectures of John(212) [1 John9:28-30] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2002.08.18  
  The Lectures of John(211) [1 John9;23-27] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2002.07.14  
  The Lectures of John(210) [1 John9:17-22] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2002.06.30  
  The Lectures of John(209) [1 John9:4-16] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2002.06.23  
  The Lectures of John(207) [1 John8:33-40] Rev. Jaerock Lee 2002.05.19