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GCN TV Sermon(Pastor SooJin Lee)

The Beatitudes

Flesh and Spirit

Keeping the Deeds of the Body under Control

I Will Do It

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Title Bible Date VOD Text MP3  
  I Will Do It (6)   Be at Peace in All Things Proverbs 16:7 2013.07.19  
  I Will Do It (5)   Did Not My Heart Go with You? 2 Kings 5:23-27 2013.06.14  
  I Will Do It (4)   Forgiving Heart Genesis 18:20-21 2013.05.16  
  I Will Do It (3)   Turn from Your Evil Way Jeremiah 25:5 2013.05.03  
  I Will Do It (2)   It Shall Be Done as You Confess with Your Mouth Romans 10:10 2013.04.12  
  I Will Do It (1)   God of Answers Psalm 78:12-29 2013.04.03