God will make a way

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1.Manmin Wide
Manmin members arming themselves with God's words

2.The Senior Pastor's news, church news and the weekly news

3.Manmin's Testimony (God will make a way / Sister Hanbit Lee, the 3rd Young Adult Mission / Passing the 54th bar examination)
With an articulate goal and believing in Father God, there is a sister at the Young Adult Mission who earned a passing grade at the bar exam.
It is the 3rd Young Adult Mission's sister Hanbit Lee. She claims that Father God was always helping her until the moment when she passed. Let's meet her at Manmin's Testimony.

Manmin Magazine

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1.The 12th Bible Quiz Contest

2.the Senior Pastor's news, church news and the weekly news

3.Shalom, shalom! Pastor Dmitry Petrovsky (Event Director of Crystal Forum)
After getting to know Manmin and the shepherd, his family received blessings, and to repay the grace he's received, he spreads the news about Manmin through Manmin Praise. Let's meet him in Manmin's Testimony.

Manmin Magazine

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1.Manmin Wide
The news of "Daniel Prayer Meeting" & the visitors from "Netherlands Public Christian Broadcasting, EO"

2.The church news & the weekly news
Incheon local sanctuary's 15th anniversary service (Feb.9, Pastor Hyunkweon Ju),. Daegu Manmin church's 16th anniversary and inauguration service (Feb.12, Pastor Heesun Lee)

3.Manmin Testimonies (Elder Kyeongtae Noh, Seoul Central Insurance's representative)

While managing his company wisely abiding by the Senior Pastor's sermons on business management, we present you Seoul Central Insurance's representative, elder Kyeongtae Noh's testimony on "Manmin Testimonies".

Manmin Magazine

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1.Church News
Photo Essey and Appreciation for financial aid for GCN satellite receiver installation, Visit of pastors from Russia & Estonia.

2.Students became different. Let"s march toward New Jerusalem! (Yeongeun Jo & Eunhye Kim)
Manmin members are filled with the Holy Spirit cutting off worldly things and taking part in New Jerusalem Campaign.
In particular, students are changing prominently and all Manmin members are pleased with them.
Let"s meet together students of Manmin who have changed through Senior Pastor"s love and prayer.