Marvelous Power Transcending Space and Time

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The divine healing meeting with Dr. Soojin Lee, Acting Senior Pastor was held on Sep. 13.
Although it was held online, pastor Soojin Lee’s wholehearted prayer and the earnest longing of the members brought forth fruits of answers and blessings.
Today, we introduce some of their testimonies that added to Manmin members' fullness.

- Testimonies from Divine Healing Meeting 2


2021.9 Divine Healing Meeting

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In 2021, non-face-to-face events have become part of our life.
The Divine Healing Meeting on Sep 13 was also held online.
Just as Senior Pastor conducted the divine healing meeting for his beloved flock, Dr. Soojin Lee, Acting Senior Pastor, also led the divine healing meeting with all of her passion.
Let's go into the scene of the first Divine Healing Meeting in 2021, which was filled with the Holy Spirit.

- Divine Healing Meeting September, 2021


Coming to Manmin Was the Best Choice in My Life

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Coming to Manmin Was the Best Choice in My Life
Elder Woobaek Hwang & Senior Deaconess Hyesoon Kim