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90 [Arizona, U.S.] My wife and I have been watching GCN for the last 5-plus years. Bill Schramm 5271
89 [Michigan, U.S.] I love GCN. It has helped me transform my life. David Burgess 2721
88 [California, U.S.] I'm very happy to watch Dr. Jaerock Lee's messages of life and increase my hope for Heaven. Sawat Ihrig 458
87 [Florida, U.S.] I'm so happy to have gotten in touch with GCN at last. Angukah Chakari 459
86 [California, U.S.] It's an honor for me for GCN to be working with Glorystar. Eugene Zaikin 478
85 [New York, U.S.] I always watch Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon programs on GCN. Robert Wiczkowski 492
84 [Florida, U.S.] I spend most of my time in the living room, watching GCN on Roku. Jo Shaffer 498
83 [New Jersey, U.S.] I'm so happy and satisfied that GCN is available 24/7 on Roku. Dr. Annelie Iwu, M.D. 490
82 [North Carolina, U.S.] The every moment I spend watching GCN pleases my soul. Jeannette Salazar 508
81 [New Jersey, U.S.] I enjoy watching Dr. Jaerock Lee's messages Denise Bey 528
80 [New Jersey, U.S.] I am a huge fan of the Praise & Worship Christina Perez 530
79 [Maryland, U.S.] I watch GCN via satellite all the time Crissman Broderick 635
78 Thanksgiving to the shepherd kevin 903
77 I have just finished watching the program 'Original Voice' and I want to know if I could get a copy of this program. Leonard Jackson 11594
76 I watch Dr. Lee every day and enjoy his teachings. Andrea 11214
75 New Jersey, USA / I put my hands on the TV and receive the Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer K. Seta 11074
74 New York, USA / I know that Dr. Lee is a man of God and I know he can heal N. Peter 11182
73 New York, USA / I absolutely love them R. Jackson 7877
72 NewYork, USA / I love Dr. Lee and he has become a really strong father like figure to me. N. Butti 7715
71 California, USA / I gave my friend the books by Pastor Lee Sawat 8636
70 New York, USA / Thank you for all you do GCN family Gabriel 8325
69 Atlanta, USA / Nothing like Global Christian Network Jamal 8951
68 Arizona, USA / Dr. Lee's teachings are very direct and clean Dr. Jone Schramm 8315
67 Minneapolis / I am just waiting for Word Pictures Unknown 6515
66 NY / about new books by Dr.Lee L.G 7560
65 Missouri / This station is good stuff B. Johnson 7852
64 Queens / Caller is interested in all Manmin TV programs G. Bell 9935
63 Bronx / I enjoy GCN all the time C. Acevedo 9846
62 Minneapolis / I enjoy watching the station T. Malloy 8481
61 Pensacola / I love Manmin Church and Dr. Lee C. Ferlazzo 8537
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