I Got Healed of Tinnitus by the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

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Now, deacon Dooho Lee is grateful for the love of Father God who reached out to him first and gave him peace when he was in despair.

He confesses that he is happy to have a family of faith who helps him feel the love of the Lord who fills him with blessings and love each and every moment.

- Deacon Dooho Lee / 6th Parish / Retinitis Pigmentosa, Tinnitus


My Whole Life is in You, Lord

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Deacon Lim Choi registered in the church in 1994, but it was only years later when he knew the true taste of faith and began a diligent Christian life.
Let's meet deacon Choi who got a chance of a new life at the threshold of death!

- Deacon Lim Choi / Men's Mission


What Does Divine Healing Meeting Men to You?

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Today, we'll meet some members who confess that they've been blessed with healing and restoration of their faith through the divine healing meeting.

- Deaconess Misoon Yoon / Chinese Parish
- Myung-yi Shin from the 20th Parish
- Senior Deaconess Hyunjung Choi from the 15th Parish


With Thanksgiving

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How many reasons for thanksgiving have you found in your life?

While each and every moment is a reason for thanksgiving, the greatest one among them must be salvation.

Let's meet someone who's gained good health after recovering her first love for God and offers thanksgiving to Him.

- Deaconess Eunjoo Shin / Healed of aftereffect of a car accident


Panamericano Local Sanctuary (Colombia Manmin Church)

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There is a sanctuary built by the faith of one believer.
In Venezuela is the Panamericano local sanctuary of Colombia Manmin Church.
Its members gathered for the first Sunday worship service on Jan. 13.

Two months after it opened, their meeting place became packed with people, and its members began harboring new hope, the construction of a sanctuary.

Now, about 30 members are worshipping together via YouTube live broadcast and participating in Daniel Prayer Meeting.

- Panamericano Local Sanctuary (Colombia Manmin Church)


Our Father God Answers Us

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Decades ago, houses were close to each other,
which means your next-door neighbors can hear your prayer.
For this reason, lest my prayer be heard by others, I used to take all the stuff out of my closet, go in there, and pray on bended knees.

- Senior Deaconess Hyuncho Bang


Marvelous Power Transcending Space and Time

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The divine healing meeting with Dr. Soojin Lee, Acting Senior Pastor was held on Sep. 13.
Although it was held online, pastor Soojin Lee’s wholehearted prayer and the earnest longing of the members brought forth fruits of answers and blessings.
Today, we introduce some of their testimonies that added to Manmin members' fullness.

- Testimonies from Divine Healing Meeting 2


The Secrets to Blessings Are Here!

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The blue sky and the chilly wind notify us of winter being in full swing.
Jincheon, Chungbuk Province, has become famous for its topography.
We're visiting a family who will share their testimony of blessings.
Shall we go together now?

- Elder Seokil Yoon / Cheongju Manmin Church


2021.9 Divine Healing Meeting

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In 2021, non-face-to-face events have become part of our life.
The Divine Healing Meeting on Sep 13 was also held online.
Just as Senior Pastor conducted the divine healing meeting for his beloved flock, Dr. Soojin Lee, Acting Senior Pastor, also led the divine healing meeting with all of her passion.
Let's go into the scene of the first Divine Healing Meeting in 2021, which was filled with the Holy Spirit.

- Divine Healing Meeting September, 2021


Coming to Manmin Was the Best Choice in My Life

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Coming to Manmin Was the Best Choice in My Life
Elder Woobaek Hwang & Senior Deaconess Hyesoon Kim