[869] Filled with the Shepherd's Love

Date : 2015.02.27 Hit : 273

Filled with the Shepherd's Love
2015 Lunar New Year Meeting

[700] Manmin Magazine

Date : 2011.10.07 Hit : 62

1.Church News
Manmin Magazine delivering happy news to all nations! Tonight it celebrates its 700th!
Amazing works—the blind coming to see, the mute to speak, the deaf to hear, and the lame to get up, jump and walk!
Marvelous works of creation attesting God the Creator is alive, Jesus Christ is our only Savior, and the Bible is authentic.
Wherever the power of the shepherd is manifested, Manmin Magazine's camera can go to any corner of the globe.
This 700th celebration of Manmin Magazine is greeting you from a special stage of Muan Manmin Church.